Congratulations on being shortlisted.

Candidates are requested to read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

  1. Please submit below form to get entry in the final round.
  2. This form contains a few questions. 1 questions is written and 2 questions are video based. It takes about 20 minutes to answer all questions.
  3. For 2 video questions, please download free “Hippo Video” plugin in chrome from here, and send video recording of your answers. See this to check how it works.
  4. Our team will go through all entries and reach back to selected candidates (based on quality of answers). You will get an email by 12 noon tomorrow.

Submissions Close In

The Deadline for Submission is over. Entries submitted now will not be considered. We thank you for your interest.

Wish you all the best!


Please answer below questions


  1. Please do not enter any personal or sensitive data while performing tasks. Feel free to use dummy names, phone number and other data.
  2. The activity takes about 20 minutes in total. The activity can be submitted via above form till Monday, 14 Feb ]2023, 11 AM IST.
  3. However priority will be given to early submissions.
  4. Websolix and Notamedia reserves the right to close submissions before time in event of receiving sufficient submissions before deadline.
  5. Candidates will not be eligible for any compensation for completing the task.
  6. Late entries or entries submitted via any means other than above form will not be entertained.




  1. What will be the Salary?
    Websolix compensates people at par with Industry. It will depend on your performance and previous salary, among other factors.

  2. My Hippo Video is not working. 

    Hippo Video is a third party service. If it is not working, please try to check in another machine or mobile. 99% candidates are able to use it and submit the video.

  3. Should we record everything we are doing?

    Only Q4 and Q5.

  4. I have done the assignment, what are the next steps?
    Thanks a lot. Our team will go through each assignment and will invite selected candidates for final interview.

Job Details

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